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  • Temperature



    Testo Temperature Instruments.

    We at Testo bring you a wide range of Temperature Measuring Instruments which have varied application in many different arenas. Used in industries such as food, health, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories as well as in heating, ventilation and air-condition systems (HVAC) , refrigeration, production, storage and transport of goods, our devices are designed and built with the utmost expertise and attention to detail. This is to ensure that the needs of every diverse user is met. Cultivated to the most advanced point in order to provide temperature readings and information to the minutest detail, our products are used globally.

    Testo offers a full range of optimally calibrated and standard-compliant measuring instruments to measure temperature. We produce Probe thermometers, Infrared thermometers as well as Surface thermometers, Temperature Data loggers and Thermal Imaging Cameras. All our temperature measurement devices are built in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards and offer the most reliable temperature measurements. These devices provide simple operations and the flexibility to be easily used by just about any individual, to meet the need of their niche function.

    Many of our temperature instruments have passed the stringent requirements of HACCP testing and are now accredited by this organization.

    Did You Know? That many city councils throughout Australia use Testo thermometers in order to monitor / audit restaurants and food manufacturers! . We also brought to our customers the world’s first ever waterproof digital folding thermometer, an instrument that can be used under any conditions.

    Our infrared thermometers are the ideal tools to safeguards quality standards and guaranteeing safety. These devices enable users to measure extended ranges of temperature and provide precise temperature measurements from a safe distance. Thanks to such features they can be used virtually in all sectors of trade and industry and even in applications such as monitoring surface temperature and, inspecting air conditioning and ventilation systems.

    Testo data loggers are also commonly used in the food industry which provides integrated control system of food safety at all stages of its production and distribution. In laboratories, they provide accurate extensive measurements to yield great results. Our devices are recommended for use where highly accurate temperature measurements are needed even under extreme conditions and are excellently suited to the recording of temperatures over long periods at any range in any surrounding.

    We produce thermal imaging cameras that are not only affordable but also have the most versatile features that such a device can offer. Developed for easy applications, these devices aid in detecting heat leakages, localizing cold bridges or visualizing overheated connections. With our devices you can carry out complete damage-free tests on materials and components. They also allow users to visualize problems in industrial maintenance and production monitoring before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs thus assisting in ensuring the safety of physical working environments. A driver of energy efficiency via thermography and assist customers to save on expensive heating costs, thus saving time, energy and money.

    Designed and assembled as per the set industrial parameters our devices are calibrated to offer reliable functionality and are made of anti-corrosive materials and susceptible to shock. Available in portable and stationary models as well as models that offer simultaneous measurements of other parameters, they all guarantee high precision. The metal waterproof outer packing of our thermometers also allows them to be used under various environmental conditions.

    The range of temperature measuring instruments from Testo at a glance:

  • Humidity



    Testo Humidity Instruments

    Our state of the art humidity measurement devices are used across the globe for a multitude of purposes. From sectors ranging from households and offices to the food industry and refrigeration to VAC systems, health, research and development. Accurate humidity measurements play an indispensable role in monitoring production, storage, transport conditions, as well as indoor air quality and determining thermal comfort levels. Our products are designed and equipped to meet the requirements of demanding customers, industries and serve a myriad of diverse applications. Thus our Hydrometers, Material Moisture Meters, Indoor Climate Meters and Humidity Data loggers are all designed and manufactured to guarantee accurate measurements at all times and are well known for their reliability and durability.

    Humidity measurements have innumerable applications across a variety of everyday areas. Be it your office or home, good atmospheric conditions are essential in ensuring clean and healthy environments. Our products come in a variety of forms and sizes, even allowing you to ensure ideal humidity levels in your home and work place our devices that are easy to use. These instruments also find their extensive application in weather forecast departments, bringing to you the nature of the physical environment with clear and precise measurements.

    Did You Know? Testo Humidity instruments are Frequently used in production, storage, server rooms and cold stores, within containers as well as a part of display cases through a variety of industries. Our versatile range of humidity meters are very useful in ensuring the physical properties and dimensions of a material are not affected by the presence of humidity. Therefore ensuring that products reach customers in the most pristine form, having experienced the most ideal environmental conditions that ensure good quality to the end user.

    A common need within the construction sector,humidity meters are capable of measuring the humidity of timber and other building materials. Assisting in determining building moisture damage in existing buildings and conducting fungal and mould analysis, our material moisture meters and hydrometers are well equipped for this task, ensuring the safety of materials used to build our living and working spaces. Used worldwide in some of the most famous libraries, museums and archives, our indoor climate meters, ensure that the indoor physical environments are maintained at appropriate level, assisting in the preservation of important artifacts, manuscripts and books.

    Our Humidity data loggers, allow steadfast and continuous monitoring, facilitating easy documentation of measurements for analysis, satisfying an essential need in the collection of data. Testo’s devices are regularly used within many scientific and technological research and development arenas in laboratories and testing centers worldwide. All our versatile devices have set calibration standards, which make it easy to ensure that the measurements produced are extremely accurate.

    Portable humidity measuring instruments and stationary humidity measurement systems from Testo give you reliable support in these applications, allowing reliable testing to guarantee safety at all times. Testo Australia offers you the appropriate solution for your need, be it multi parameter measuring tools that can take both humidity and temperature measurements to portability allowing accessibility and use in any field condition you may require. Being mindful of today's need for energy efficiency, all our devices have low power consumption features and provide simultaneous tasks allowing power and time management as well.

    The range of humidity measuring instruments from Testo at a glance:

  • Refrigeration



    Testo Refrigeration Instruments.

    Testo prides itself on supplying state-of-the-art devices to industries around Australia. This is especially true for our refrigeration instruments, which have been servicing the industry at all levels for many years.

    These products provide a comprehensive overview of all facets of refrigeration, from leak testing to HVAC system efficiency measurement. If you have a refrigeration problem, Testo has the instrument you need to put it right.

    Why do you need refrigeration instruments?
    The refrigeration industry encompasses many different devices, installations and structures, all of which require class-leading instruments to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

    Processes that need these instruments can include everything from cold storage facilities to HVAC systems. This involves complicated sys - tems that are heavily dependent on regular and effective maintenance to keep them running as the manufacturer intended.

    Safety is one of the key reasons for using Testo instruments to assess and maintain refrigeration systems. Many of these installations rely on chemicals such as ammonia or carbon dioxide that can be dangerous in specific situations.

    One of the main dangers that the refrigeration industry needs to keep on top of is leaks. Chemicals such as ammonia may not be lethal in small doses, but if it’s allowed to build up or react with other compounds the results can be deadly.

    Testo instruments allow you to identify these issues before they can escalate, and enable you to perform quick and easy maintenance to ensure these problems never befall your business. Instruments such as our leak detectors excel at this, preventing costly mishaps and keeping employees safe.

    These complex systems need to be kept operating within strict manufacturer guidelines, otherwise you risk damaging the machinery. Testo instruments can measure all of the necessary parameters needed to keep them operating smoothly, such as superheating and sub-cooling, pressure and temperature.

    Why should you choose Testo?
    Testo devices are an investment in the future of your machinery and the safety of your employees. They have a strong presence in the training of refrigeration students, meaning the next generation of workers in the industry are already familiar with them. This commitment by a number of educational facilities around the country supports Testo’s role as an industry leader with regards to instrument supply.

    Another defining feature of our products is that they are digital, taking them beyond the analogue gauges that were standard in the past. There is an array of advantages that our products supply by being digital.

    The first is easy-to-read screens. Gone are the days of trying to pinpoint exactly where a needle is pointing on a gauge. Our devices display a clear and concise readout, allowing you to make the correct measurement first time, every time.

    Other benefits of the digital makeup of our products are represented by our refrigeration gauges, which boast unique features that cannot be matched by analogue alternatives. The Testo refrigeration digital gauges allows for simultaneous measurement of superheating and sub-cooling, an option that would be unthinkable if we still lived in an analogue world.

    The positives this offers to users are many, and can be measured in a number of ways. Because digital instruments eliminate the need to perform complex calculations, the risks of costly human error is eliminated. This also saves time that is better spent in other parts of your business.

    The range of refrigeration measuring instruments from Testo at a glance:

  • Emission Analysers

    Emission Analysers


    Testo Emission Analysers

    Testo has made its name as an industry leader on the back of the excellent instruments it provides to range of sectors around Australia. Our emissions analysers are proof of this, providing state-of-the-art solutions to any issues that may arise in industry use throughout Australia, particularly where diesel engines, boilers and high energy processes are involved.

    We are committed to all levels of the industries these instruments service, with our devices representing us everywhere from training facilities to the mines and factories where emission control is essential to daily operation.

    Why is it important to monitor emissions?
    There are number of equally important reasons why monitoring gas emissions is an absolute necessity anywhere combustion engines are present. Potentially dangerous gases are often emitted here, as they are an unavoidable result of using fossil fuels.

    Some of the more common gases that can be emitted through these processes include carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. While they are considered to be normal emissions, it is possible for them to become dangerous if the wrong concentrations are released. This can signify that the equipment is not operating correctly, which is a danger to staff and the machinery itself.

    High-maintenance machinery such as boilers are particularly prone to catastrophic failure if their emissions are at the wrong level, particularly if the fuel burns too rich. With devices like the Testo 320 gas analyser, these risks do not have to be taken.

    Irregular emissions have negative effects beyond creating an unsafe workplace as well. They can significantly reduce the efficiency with which a company operates. This is because emissions that are outside manufacturer ’s guidelines, whether leaks or incorrect chemical composition, mean the system is not functioning in its intended manner. In these situations, they could be using more fuel than is normal, costing your business extra for a machine that isn’t performing up to standard.

    Efficiency checks on diesel engines are easy with the Testo 340 diesel engine analyser, and ensure your business isn’t wasting its time or fuel.

    There are also strict government guidelines surrounding emissions, to protect both staff and the environment. Gases such as carbon dioxide are known as greenhouse gases, with authorities around the world going through great pains to reduce the expulsion of these into the atmosphere.

    This is especially apparent when engines are used in confined spaces or near other dangerous gases, chemicals or substances, such as in the mining industry. Failure to adhere these rules can result in fines which will greatly affect the running of your business. Monitoring emissions regularly and thoroughly with Testo instruments can prevent this stress, enabling your company to run safer and more efficiently.

    Failure to adhere these rules can result in fines which will greatly affect the running of your business. Monitoring emissions regularly and thoroughly with Testo instruments can prevent this stress, enabling your company to run safer and more efficiently.

    Why choose Testo instruments?
    Testo devices are proven across many industries, so you know you’re getting a product that has delivered the expected results time and time again. We aim to provide a range of solutions that are flexible to your situations, ensuring there is always an Testo instrument that can assist, no matter what the issue is.

    Simple, yet effective products like the Testo 310 flue gas analyser provide an affordable entry into emissions monitoring, allowing your business to keep track of gases with a compact and easy-to-use tool.

    The main advantage offered by Testo devices is the fact that they are digital, giving them a number of benefits that analogue alternatives cannot hope to match. This means they have crisp, clear and readable displays that eliminates the need for costly calculations and ensures that emissions are monitored correctly every time.

    In order to fulfill the above Testo offer gas sensors that include Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide,Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulpher Dioxide, Hydro Carbons, and Oxygen.

    Usability is not limited to entry level gas analysers either, with industry defining products such as the Testo 350 Multiple Gas Analysis System providing a complete emissions monitoring solution without sacrificing ease of use. As an example the Testo 350 in particular supports the direct measurement of six gases from a range of 10 sensors, not to mention the many other parameters necessary for managing the environment and efficiency.

    Testo’s reputation was founded on the success of these products, and with a commitment to the environment and their customers will continue to achieve these results in the future.

    The range of emission analysers from Testo :

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality


    Testo Indoor Air Quality.

    Indoor air quality is a major concern for a number of industries throughout Australia. From construction and engineering to maintenance teams - air quality testing for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane must be a serious consideration given the consequences. There have been many incidents in the recent years that highlight the importance of monitoring indoor air quality to protect both building oc - cupations and the environment itself.

    What are the consequences of high carbon dioxide measurements? Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a naturally-produced atmospheric gas which is recorded as parts per million (ppm). Away from heavy traffic areas and industries, the air contains around 380 ppm of CO2. However, humans also expel this gas and in the confined environment of a school or office, and CO2 levels can soon rise.

    As office workers and students spend around half their days inside buildings, it is important to maintain adequate indoor air quality. According to several high-profile studies, a primary indicator of indoor air quality is the concentration of CO2. A recorded level above 1,000 ppm is regarded as ‘not ideal’, while the ‘reference range’ should be around 700 to 1,500 ppm. Although a level below 5,000 ppm isn’t going to harm someone’s health, it can have an affect on their mental state.In areas of high CO2 concentration, people report drowsiness, tiredness, lack of concentration and a sense that the air is stale. There is also research to suggest productivity is affected by high CO2 lev - els

    What are the consequences of high carbon monoxide measurements? Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless gas that can cause serious sudden illness and in some instances death. It is pr oduced by a combination of partly-burned gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). This is commonly a problem in buildings where a gas appliance is poorly maintained, broken, badly fixed or incorrectly fitted.Carbon monoxide is a real concern for building professionals as a faulty heating system can soon fill a room with the toxic gas.However, if people become sick, it can be difficult to diagnose carbon monoxide poisoning as the cause as the symptoms are similar to a number of other illnesses. This highlights the importance of regular system monitoring and indoor air quality testing.It is recommended that industry professionals check and monitor gas heating systems and related infrastructure on an annual basis. This includes a full maintenance service as well as an in depth CO2 test to determine whether it is emitting gases to a dangerous level.

    What are the consequences of high methane measurements? Methane gas is another colourless and odourless gas that is widely found in the natural environment. However, it is widely encountered by workers in mines and manufacturing as well as being used to heat homes and commer cial buildings. The substance is used extensively in gas stoves, fireplaces and even water heaters. This means it can pose a problem to both workers and the general public if it begins to leak because of often hairline cracks in the pipelines.Ther e are a number of both physical and environmental reasons to detect if you have a methane gas leak. Headaches are a common sign as well as nausea and breathing difficulties. Methane gas is also toxic to vegetation so dead plants near a gas line are a sign of a leak and sometimes a dull hissing or roaring sound can be heard from the gas line itself

    The range of indoor air quality measuring instruments from Testo at a glance:

  • Accessories
  • Light & Sound
  • Pressure
  • pH
  • Cooking Oil Testing

    Cooking Oil Tester


    Testo Cooking Oil Tester

    Every drop is valuable

    The testo 270 is latest generation of our proven range cooking oil testers. Testo’s 270 allows you to determine the quality of cooking oil faster and more reliably than ever before. To do so, it measures the ‘Total Polar Material’ (TPM) content in the oil, which is a sure indicator of its quality. It then gives a percentage and if the oil is aged an increased TPM value will show.

    By using improper oil not only will the food produced be of a lower quality, but there are also health risks surrounding cleanliness. This is the reason why the polar materials may not exceed a certain limit, depending on the country. Regular measurement with the testo 270 will help to prevent this.

    Even more intuitive thanks to traffic-light system

    The measuring instrument’s 86% larger display considerably simplifies the reading of temperature and TPM values. The traffic-light alarm system provided by multi-colour backlighting makes it even easier to evaluate the quality of the cooking oil:

    • Green TPM content is good.
    • Amber TPM value will need changing soon.
    • Red TPM value has exceeded safe amount.


    Cooking oil develops its best potential between 14 and 20% TPM. Using this measurement tool to understand exactly when oil needs replacing also makes sure you aren’t wasting oil. You don’t want to be replacing perfectly good oil by changing too frequently as this will increase oil consumption and ultimately costs.

    In addition to the above, the TPM limit values can be individually defined, and can, like other instrument configurations, be protected from inadvertent alteration by a PIN.


    Significantly reduces costs

    Extensive practical tests by Testo engineers have demonstrated that regular measurement with the testo 270 reduces the consumption of cooking oil by up to 20 %. So if for example if you used 1,000 litres per year and assuming a price of 70p per litre - that makes for a saving of $5,160 a year!

  • Velocity
  • Electrical

    After significant research and development, Testo are now putting their own electrical measuring instruments into serial production. Testo isn’t just entering unfamiliar territory, but also pushing the field forward. The new range of intelligent electrical measuring instruments from Testo make it possible for users to carry out their daily measurement tasks more easily, safely and efficiently than ever before. Testo is launching five new product families for electrical measurement of appliances and systems. These include

     Three versions of a digital multimeter, which automatically recognises the measurement parameters by socket use, and which can be more safely operated using function buttons as opposed to a rotary dial, Three clamp meter models with a unique clamp mechanism for measuring tight-fitting cables - this allows for more precise cable grabbing, Two current-voltage testers which meet the newest voltage tester standard and select measurement parameters automatically and without the danger of confusion, Three voltage testers, equipped with an all-round LED display that can be read from any position. There’s also a non-contact voltage tester with a filter for high-frequency interference.

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