Multifunction Instruments

A multi-function instrument from testo is your reliable partner for analyzing a wide variety of IAQ and HVAC/R parameters from an occupational, health and safety aspect.

These many areas of measure play a crucial role on the well-being of humans at their workplace and homes, and are also an important factor in storage and production processes.

It is important to understand that at the work place and at home builders and contractors adhere to the guidelines established by the relevant authorities. In this regard it is the role of engineers, builders and contractors to meet these regulations when designing, building and testing for adherence.

Some of the important parameters relevant to IAQ and OH&S are temperature, air flow, CO, CO2, humidity, contaminants, gases and noise.

In warehousing and production processes, monitoring IAQ and HVAC/R systems on a regular basis signals whether mechanical systems are working at optimum levels or need to be serviced or else repaired to minimize downtime and maintain efficiency and productivity levels.

A HVAC system has many functions to perform, maintaining a varied environment depending on application, such as in the workplace, pharmaceutical production and warehousing, perishable warehousing, R&D, laboratories and hospitals to name a few. It plays an important role affecting our lives in one way or other.

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testo 435-2 Multi Function IAQ Instrument

Key Features: Measures Multiple Parameters C, RH, Co2, Co, Pressure, Draught, Air velocity, Volumetric Flow, Turbulance, U Value, Lux Illuminated Display Large Range of Probes Large display

$1,061.50 inc. GST

testo 480 Climate Measurement Tool

Key Features: Measure multiple parameters Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Turbulence, Heat radiation, Co2 Lux, PMV/PPD, WBGT Professional software for reporting & data logging Highly accurate digital probes

$1,901.90 inc. GST

Testo 435-1 IAQ Kit - Temp, Humidity, Co2 & Absolute Pressure

Key Features: Measures Multiple Parameters Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Pressure Illuminated Display Large Range of Probes Large display

$2,240.70 inc. GST