testo 760-1 digital multimeter with auto-test and capacitance

Key Features: Easy, reliable operation through automatic measurement parameter detection Prevents incorrect settings Suitable for almost all electrical measuring tasks Clear, illuminated display

$185.90 inc. GST

testo 760-2 digital multimeter with auto test, capacitance, TRMS and low pass filter

Key Features: True root mean square measurement - TRMS Current measurement in the µA range Integrated temperature adapter Low-pass filter for accurate measurement results on frequency converter controlled motors

$309.10 inc. GST

testo 760-3 digital multimeter with auto-test, capacitance, TRMS, low pass filter and 1000v

Key Features: Easy, reliable work thanks to automatic measurement parameter detection Comfortable, one-handed operation without any dial Voltage range up to 1,000 V Additional functions, such as true root mean square measurement - TRMS, low-pass filte

$410.30 inc. GST