Emission Analysers

Testo has made its name as an industry leader on the back of the excellent instruments it provides to range of sectors around Australia. Our emissions analysers are proof of this, providing state-of-the-art solutions to any issues that may arise in industry use throughout Australia, particularly where diesel engines, boilers and high energy processes are involved.

We are committed to all levels of the industries these instruments service, with our devices representing us everywhere from training facilities to the mines and factories where emission control is essential to daily operation.

Why is it important to monitor emissions?
There are number of equally important reasons why monitoring gas emissions is an absolute necessity anywhere combustion engines are present. Potentially dangerous gases are often emitted here, as they are an unavoidable result of using fossil fuels.

Some of the more common gases that can be emitted through these processes include carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. While they are considered to be normal emissions, it is possible for them to become dangerous if the wrong concentrations are released. This can signify that the equipment is not operating correctly, which is a danger to staff and the machinery itself.

High-maintenance machinery such as boilers are particularly prone to catastrophic failure if their emissions are at the wrong level, particularly if the fuel burns too rich. With devices like the Testo 320 gas analyser, these risks do not have to be taken.

Irregular emissions have negative effects beyond creating an unsafe workplace as well. They can significantly reduce the efficiency with which a company operates. This is because emissions that are outside manufacturer ’s guidelines, whether leaks or incorrect chemical composition, mean the system is not functioning in its intended manner. In these situations, they could be using more fuel than is normal, costing your business extra for a machine that isn’t performing up to standard.

Efficiency checks on diesel engines are easy with the Testo 340 diesel engine analyser, and ensure your business isn’t wasting its time or fuel.

There are also strict government guidelines surrounding emissions, to protect both staff and the environment. Gases such as carbon dioxide are known as greenhouse gases, with authorities around the world going through great pains to reduce the expulsion of these into the atmosphere.

This is especially apparent when engines are used in confined spaces or near other dangerous gases, chemicals or substances, such as in the mining industry. Failure to adhere these rules can result in fines which will greatly affect the running of your business. Monitoring emissions regularly and thoroughly with Testo instruments can prevent this stress, enabling your company to run safer and more efficiently.

Failure to adhere these rules can result in fines which will greatly affect the running of your business. Monitoring emissions regularly and thoroughly with Testo instruments can prevent this stress, enabling your company to run safer and more efficiently.

Why choose Testo instruments?
Testo devices are proven across many industries, so you know you’re getting a product that has delivered the expected results time and time again. We aim to provide a range of solutions that are flexible to your situations, ensuring there is always an Testo instrument that can assist, no matter what the issue is.

Simple, yet effective products like the Testo 310 flue gas analyser provide an affordable entry into emissions monitoring, allowing your business to keep track of gases with a compact and easy-to-use tool.

The main advantage offered by Testo devices is the fact that they are digital, giving them a number of benefits that analogue alternatives cannot hope to match. This means they have crisp, clear and readable displays that eliminates the need for costly calculations and ensures that emissions are monitored correctly every time.

In order to fulfill the above Testo offer gas sensors that include Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide,Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulpher Dioxide, Hydro Carbons, and Oxygen.

Usability is not limited to entry level gas analysers either, with industry defining products such as the Testo 350 Multiple Gas Analysis System providing a complete emissions monitoring solution without sacrificing ease of use. As an example the Testo 350 in particular supports the direct measurement of six gases from a range of 10 sensors, not to mention the many other parameters necessary for managing the environment and efficiency.

Testo’s reputation was founded on the success of these products, and with a commitment to the environment and their customers will continue to achieve these results in the future.

The range of emission analysers from Testo :

testo 310-1 Basic Flue Gas Analyser

Key Features CO, O2 and CO2 also measures ambient CO, draught and pressure Fast 30-second startup Bright backlit 2 line display and icons for easy viewing

$929.50 inc. GST

testo 330i Flue Gas Analyser - EX-DEMO Kit

Key Features: On-site digital creation of reports with the testo 330i App. Operation independent of measuring location – readings are always available when you need them. TestoFix probe holder (optional) – holds the probe in the centre of flow at all t

$1,491.60 inc. GST