Co2 Measurement

testo 315-3 Ambient CO and CO2 Detector

Key Features Measures CO & CO2 Temperature & Humidity Measurements Optional Bluetooth Interface Optical & Audible Alarms

$1,331.00 inc. GST

testo 435-2 Multi Function IAQ Instrument

Key Features: Measures Multiple Parameters C, RH, Co2, Co, Pressure, Draught, Air velocity, Volumetric Flow, Turbulance, U Value, Lux Illuminated Display Large Range of Probes Large display

$1,061.50 inc. GST

testo 435-4 C° RH Co2 CO Lux Flow HPA

Integrated differential pressure measurements for flow velocity Optional probes for multiple measurements (Light, Turbulance, pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Co2,Velocity) Backlit LCD for easy viewing Built-in memory stores up to 10,000 measurements

$1,432.20 inc. GST

testo 440 CO₂ Kit with Bluetooth

Key Features: Multifunction measuring instrument, ventilation system, iaq, indoor air quality, air temperature, humidity, co2, carbon dioxide, bluetooth

$1,457.50 inc. GST

testo 535 Versatile C02 Measurement

Key Features: Quick and accurate CO 2 measurements Long-term measurements using max and average values Long-term stable, maintenance-free infrared sensor Optional testo fast printer for print outs on site

$732.60 inc. GST