Light And Sound

Correct lighting conditions in general is a crucial factor for people's well-being. Good lighting in the workplace, whether artificial or natural light, increases staff's ability to concentrate, promotes their health and reduces their complaints.

For the measurement of light conditions, Testo offers lux measuring instruments which can be used to measure the luminous intensity of natural or artificial light. In addition to Testo Light meters, the lux probe of the testo 435 multi-function measuring instrument can also determine the flicker frequency of screens which also has an influence on workplace assessment. The permissible limit values for sound/noise levels depend on the area of the building and the environment where the systems are operated.

The measurement of sound/noise also plays an important role in workplaces. If the noise level is high in the workplace, staff efficiency is reduced. Whether for the measurement of industrial and environmental noise on ventilation and air conditioning systems or for the measurement of sound in workplaces - our portable sound/noise level meters are ideally suited to provide you with accurate readings.

testo 440 Lux Kit

Key Features: Multifunction measuring instrument, lux, illuminance, air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument

$1,116.50 inc. GST

testo 465 RPM Meter

Key Features: Easy one-handed operation Mean/Max./Min. Values Measurement distance up to 600 mm Reflective markers

$322.30 inc. GST

testo 470 - rpm measuring instrument

Key Features: Simple one-hand operation 3 in 1 Measurements RPM | Speed | Lengths Storage of mean, max. and min. values Easy to read display

$441.10 inc. GST

testo 540 Pocket Lux Meter

Key Features: Sensor designed based on the spectral sensitivity of the human eye Quick readouts Protective cap for safe storage Compact and robust design

$198.00 inc. GST

Testo 816-1 Sound Level Meter

Key Features: • Sound level measurement acc. to IEC 61672-1 class 2 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2. • Frequency weighting A and C. • Integrated data storage for up to 31000 measurement values.

$937.20 inc. GST