We at Testo bring you a wide range of Temperature Measuring Instruments which have varied application in many different arenas. Used in industries such as food, health, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories as well as in heating, ventilation and air-condition systems (HVAC) , refrigeration, production, storage and transport of goods, our devices are designed and built with the utmost expertise and attention to detail. This is to ensure that the needs of every diverse user is met. Cultivated to the most advanced point in order to provide temperature readings and information to the minutest detail, our products are used globally.

Testo offers a full range of optimally calibrated and standard-compliant measuring instruments to measure temperature. We produce Probe thermometers, Infrared thermometers as well as Surface thermometers, Temperature Data loggers and Thermal Imaging Cameras. All our temperature measurement devices are built in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards and offer the most reliable temperature measurements. These devices provide simple operations and the flexibility to be easily used by just about any individual, to meet the need of their niche function.

Many of our temperature instruments have passed the stringent requirements of HACCP testing and are now accredited by this organization.

Did You Know? That many city councils throughout Australia use Testo thermometers in order to monitor / audit restaurants and food manufacturers! . We also brought to our customers the world’s first ever waterproof digital folding thermometer, an instrument that can be used under any conditions.

Our infrared thermometers are the ideal tools to safeguards quality standards and guaranteeing safety. These devices enable users to measure extended ranges of temperature and provide precise temperature measurements from a safe distance. Thanks to such features they can be used virtually in all sectors of trade and industry and even in applications such as monitoring surface temperature and, inspecting air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Testo data loggers are also commonly used in the food industry which provides integrated control system of food safety at all stages of its production and distribution. In laboratories, they provide accurate extensive measurements to yield great results. Our devices are recommended for use where highly accurate temperature measurements are needed even under extreme conditions and are excellently suited to the recording of temperatures over long periods at any range in any surrounding.

We produce thermal imaging cameras that are not only affordable but also have the most versatile features that such a device can offer. Developed for easy applications, these devices aid in detecting heat leakages, localizing cold bridges or visualizing overheated connections. With our devices you can carry out complete damage-free tests on materials and components. They also allow users to visualize problems in industrial maintenance and production monitoring before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs thus assisting in ensuring the safety of physical working environments. A driver of energy efficiency via thermography and assist customers to save on expensive heating costs, thus saving time, energy and money.

Designed and assembled as per the set industrial parameters our devices are calibrated to offer reliable functionality and are made of anti-corrosive materials and susceptible to shock. Available in portable and stationary models as well as models that offer simultaneous measurements of other parameters, they all guarantee high precision. The metal waterproof outer packing of our thermometers also allows them to be used under various environmental conditions.

The range of temperature measuring instruments from Testo at a glance:

Mini Food Thermometer

Key Features: Measure air and core temperatures quickly and reliably
133mm penetration probe for measurements up to 150 °C
Includes protective tube with attachment clip

$31.90 inc. GST

Stainless Steel Mini Thermometer

Key Features: Waterproof, protection class IP67 Battery level display Easily exchangeable battery Protective sleeve as a holder

$39.60 inc. GST
$46.20 inc. GST

Mini Thermometer with Long Probe

Key Features: Extended 213 mm probe shaft Measuring range from -50 to +250 °C Protective sleeve for probe shaft Easily legible display

$49.50 inc. GST

testo 184 T1 - USB Start Stop Temperature Logger

Key Features: No Software Needed. Life Cycle of 90 Days. Start Stop Functionality. NFC & Android App Compatible.

$50.60 inc. GST

testo 103 Mini Folding Thermometer

Key Features At 11 cm the smallest folding thermometer of its class Narrow probe tip is ideal for spot check measurements Easy-to-clean white ABS housing and is equipped with a robust probe Splash-proof (IP55)

$74.80 inc. GST

testo 905-T1 - Probe Thermometer

Key Features: Quick response time Up to 500°C of Surface temperature can be measured Easy readout of readings due to rotatable display Auto-Off function

Now $78.21 inc. GST

On Sale

testo 174T Mini Temperature Data Logger

Key Features: Large memory 16,000 Readings Simple and large easy to read display Free data logger software available for download IP65 protection class

$89.10 inc. GST

testo 805 Mini IR Thermometer

Key Features: Pocket size infrared thermometer IP 65 rating with top safe cover HACCP Certified 1:1 Optics

$91.30 inc. GST

testo 106 Digital Thermometer

Key Features: Thin, robust measuring tip HACCP Certified 350 Hours of Battery life Fast measurement

$94.60 inc. GST

testo 830 T1 - Infrared Thermometer

Key Features: 10:1 Optics Adjustable emissivity from 0.2 to 1.0 Audible/visual alarm Backlit display

$113.30 inc. GST

testo 810 2in1 IR thermometer

Key Features: Simultaneous measurement of the surface & Air temperature Display of the temperature difference Adjustable emissivity levels 6:1 optics

$116.60 inc. GST

testo 905i – Smart Air Probe

Key Features: Quick & precise reading of air temperatures Data analysis and recording via mobile device Measuring range of -50 to 150°C Report creation and transfer via smart phone


testo 104 Folding Thermometer

Key Features: Super rugged design, built for extreme, everyday use HACCP compliant Large, backlit, easy to read display Color coded adhesive tabs can prevent cross contamination

$132.00 inc. GST

testo 805i – Smart IR Thermometer

Key Features: Diffractive optic as laser marker (circle). Picture with temperature marking can be saved in App for analysis. Identify mold risk in combination with ambient humidity measurement. Report creating and transfer via smart phone.


testo 905-T2 Surface Thermometer

Key Features: Sprung thermocouple cross-band adapts to any surface Up to 500°C of Surface temperature can be measured Easy readout of readings due to rotatable display Auto-Off function

$139.70 inc. GST

testo 184 T3 - USB Temp Data Logger

Key Features: No Software Needed Replaceable Battery Start Stop Functionality NFC & Android App Compatible

$152.90 inc. GST

testo 830 T2 - 2 Point IR Thermometer

Key Features: 12:1 Optics Dual Laser measuring spots Large, backlit, easy to read display Connecting port for one type K external temperature sensor

$152.90 inc. GST

testo 826 T2 Infrared Thermometer

Key Features: 6:1 optics Spot is marked by laser beam Water resistant (IP65) with "TopSafe" protection case included HACCP Certified

$159.50 inc. GST

testo 926 Probe Thermometer

Key Features: Fast reaction times Audible alarm, user-defined thresholds HACCP Certified Wide range of Type T optional probes to suit your needs.

$160.60 inc. GST

testo 108-1 - Waterproof T/C instrument

Key Features Quick Response time Large Display Water Resistant (IP 67) HACCP Certified

$162.80 inc. GST

testo 105-1 Robust Food Thermometer

Key Features: Designed for daily use: rugged, can be cleaned under running water IP65 HACCP Certified 2 user-defined limit values Two adjustable thresholds, audible / visual alarm

$165.00 inc. GST

testo 925 Probe Thermometer

Key Features: Fast reaction times Audible alarm, user-defined thresholds HACCP Certified Clear 2 line display

$169.40 inc. GST

testo 110 Probe Thermometer

Key Features: Accurate in very low temperature ranges Audible alarm, user-defined thresholds HACCP Certified Clear 2 line display

$183.70 inc. GST