Thermal Anemometers

testo 405 Low Cost Thermal Anemometer

Key Features: 3 in 1 Air temperature, air velocity & volumetric Air flow Telescopic handle to 300 mm Illuminated display Volume flow calculation up to 99,990 m3/h

$192.50 inc. GST

testo 405i – Smart Hot Wire Anemometer

Key Features: Measures air velocity, volume, flow and temp. Extendable telescopic probe up to 400 mm Easy set up for volume flow measurement via App Report creation and transfer via smart phone.


testo 435-2 Multi Function IAQ Instrument

Key Features: Measures Multiple Parameters C, RH, Co2, Co, Pressure, Draught, Air velocity, Volumetric Flow, Turbulance, U Value, Lux Illuminated Display Large Range of Probes Large display

$1,061.50 inc. GST

testo 435-4 C° RH Co2 CO Lux Flow HPA

Integrated differential pressure measurements for flow velocity Optional probes for multiple measurements (Light, Turbulance, pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Co2,Velocity) Backlit LCD for easy viewing Built-in memory stores up to 10,000 measurements

$1,432.20 inc. GST