Vane Anemometers

testo 416 Small Head Vane Anemometer

Key Features: Permanently connected telescopic sensor – maximum length 890 mm, diameter 16 mm Airflow measurements, selective and time mean values for calculating air volume Hold function; min/max display; auto power off Calibration certificate and ba

$833.80 inc. GST

testo 425 Thermal Anemometer

Key Features: 3 in 1 Measurements Temperature, air flow & volumetric flow calcualtion Extendable telescopic probe Single & multi-point averaging Hold button to freeze readings

$776.60 inc. GST

testo 435-2 Multi Function IAQ Instrument

Key Features: Measures Multiple Parameters C, RH, Co2, Co, Pressure, Draught, Air velocity, Volumetric Flow, Turbulance, U Value, Lux Illuminated Display Large Range of Probes Large display

$1,061.50 inc. GST