Testo In Refrigeration


"In the past, we were supplying our technicians with Testo digital manifolds, but since the advent of the Smart Probe Technology, we have moved away from the digital gauges and instead utilise the Testo Smart Probes Refrigeration kit along with a variety of other Smart Probes for the Toolkits the technicians use. This is because they are smaller in size light, extremely robust and foolproof technology. Because we do not use refrigeration hoses now there has been a significant reduction in refrigerant wasteage. This helps us to be more environmentally friendly and also keeps cost down.

Due to the low cost and high flexibility of the Testo Smart Probes Range, we are able to ensure our techs have the best tools with them on Jobs at all times. This ensures that they are more efficient and accurate with their work,"

Mitchell Jacobsen
Baker Refrigeration 


"The Testo Smart Probes assists our air-conditioning, chiller and BMS technicians to diagnose faults and commission systems efficiently and accurately. The Testo Smart Probe refrigeration sets ( 2 x Testo 115i & 2 x Testo 549i) are a great alternative to traditional manifolds due to their compact size and minimal loss of refrigerants as they do not require hoses. They are also easier and more cost-effective to transport and compatible with over 90 refrigerants. One of which is water, and as water chillers is one of our key products, we can use the Smart Probes for adjusting the water pressures on the chillers."

Patrick Rooney
Johnson Controls


"When the young students get the hang of the Testo 550, it only takes them two or three minutes to master compared to 10-15 minutes for older generations, It certainly helps them gather the information a lot quicker than if they would use analogue gauges, and it helps them work smarter, not harder, I can't fault them. "Everything that we require Testo is happy to help with. Whether we buy devices off them or whether they come in and retrain our staff with their newer electronic gauges or data loggers, Testo is ready and waiting to help."

Trevor Jenkinson
RMIT University


"The features on the Testo refrigeration manifolds are unbelievable, with the ability to monitor superheating and subcooling in real-time, as well vacuum measuring, the instruments go far beyond what analogue gauges can even dream of displaying. A further advantage is the ability to store refrigerant information on the device."

Len Raines
Box Hill Institute


Testo In Emission & Gas


"We use the Testo 340 to check clean burnt gas and for emission testing on engines. The Testo 340 is a compact unit and I like the fact that it connects to my phone allowing me to Control it, Record/Log data, Print Data and automatically generate reports, that I can email to anyone."

Glen Watson
Cummins Incorporated


"We use the Testo 350 on a daily basis, I must say because of the functionality, design and the ergonomics that makes the Testo 350 the portable and accurate emission analyser in the market today, it has helped us to increase efficiency and reliability. Additionally, I must commend Testo Australia for your customer service."

David Pennarun


"I believe the Testo 340 is a robust modern tool and with up to date technology that supports our team to monitor diesel emissions."

Jason Trood
Newcrest – Cadia Gold Mine


Testo in Research & Health


"The University and in particular research groups would not want to suffer significant losses to their research if a cold storage facility that contained their research biomaterials failed. This could result in substantial losses not only in research material but it could amount to millions of dollars. The monitoring & alarm system forms a key part of a freezer/cold storage management system that the University of Melbourne is developing.

The Testo Saveris system is a flexible off-the-shelf monitoring and alarm system that is designed for easy installation and operation. It is designed to monitor and collect data for reporting, while sending notification alarms, with software that is easy to use."

Peter Krotsis
The University Of Melbourne


"Testo Saveris is a wireless system which is a huge advantage to us, it means there are no cables and it’s much safer for staff around the tanks. The software also tells you about the integrity of the hardware related to the tank monitoring.monitoring. Saveris is a very efficient and worthwhile system. Patients are placing a huge amount of trust in us to look after their embryos and sperm. It’s a small price to pay for the quality control of our liquid nitrogen tanks."

Simon Cook
IVF Australia


"Before TestoSaveris, we had a series of individual local temperature monitoring systems on each applicable device, and we had to go round and actually manually check and record that those devices were operating at the right temperature, which was time-consuming and very inefficient. Using the Testo Saveris system means that all of our devices are being monitored in a universal, continuous manner.It’s exactly the same process no matter what the device is - if there is an alarm, we know exactly what device it is. Our response to the alarm can be simply recorded, which makes it easier to manage and track issues if any. We also have the ability to monitor devices located in areas which may not be staffed 24 hours a day".

Tony O’Neill
Eastern Health Pathology


"Testo data loggers are used at Universal Biosensors because they “provided a crucial monitoring system with a display which can be easily read,easy to follow instructions and ease of use as well as fantastic customer service, reliable, good technical support, fast calibration time."

Daya Currie
Universal Bio Sensors