testo 810 2in1 IR thermometer

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Key Features:

Simultaneous measurement of the surface & Air Temperature

Display of the temperature difference

Adjustable emissivity levels

6:1 optics


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The Testo 810 infrared thermometer allows the simultaneous measurement of the air temperature and surface temperature of the object being measured - without contact. The infrared temperature measuring instrument automatically displays the temperature difference. This makes it particularly suitable for use in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning trade.

Testo 810 measures the temperature on two channels. On the one hand, being an infrared thermometer it can take non-contact surface temperature measurements of the object being measured; on the other hand, it can measure the air temperature using its additionally integrated NTC sensor. The infrared temperature measuring instrument displays the temperature difference directly on the illuminated display.

Functions and applications for the Testo 810 infrared thermometer

The Testo 810 infrared temperature measuring instrument is extremely well suited to use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. At the touch of a button, you can measure the surface temperature of radiators, air vents, or windows and compare these to the air temperature.

The compact size of the infrared thermometer means it offers the advantage of being easy to store in your pocket and is immediately to hand for taking measurements. When measuring surface temperatures, you can mark the required spot with the integrated 1 point laser to achieve a specific measurement. The 6:1 optics of the infrared temperature measuring instrument is primarily suitable for measurements at closer to medium distances.

The infrared thermometer emission level can also be individually set. This allows you to adjust it to the respective material properties of the surface being measured, as well as achieve the best measurement results. The integrated air temperature sensor is also highly reliable: this is an NTC temperature sensor which measures the air temperature with utmost accuracy.

Other practical features of the infrared thermometer are the min./max. display and the hold function (to record measuring values). A protective cap and belt pouch (included in scope of delivery) add to the safety of the infrared thermometer.


Technical Data

Storage Temperature -10 to +50 °C 
Operating temperature  -10 to +50 °C
Battery type AAA micro batteries
Battery life 50 h 
Dimensions  119 x 46 x 25 mm 



Instrument Sensor 

Measuring range  NTC Air Probe   -10 to +50 °C 
  Infrared  --30 to +300 °C 
Accuracy NTC Air Probe ±0.5 °C 
  Infrared  ±2.0 °C (-30 to +100 °C) ±2% of mv
(remaining range) 
Resolution  NTC Air Probe 0.1 °C 



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